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ISO 11

New update seems slow and does not always give you notifications when your phone is closed.

Drain battery very fast???

I enjoy using Line, but...... The version before 7.12.1(Sept 21,2017) drain battery very fast and made iPhone 6S hot like crazy. Pretty scary! Hopefully, v.7.12.1 has fixed the problem

Still a horrible app

Opened it today to add a friend and just then I heard the chime that someone texted me.... there’s hours ago! Why doesn’t this app work like other messenger apps? Why can’t I get messages as they are sent? This app is horrible and has always been like this. It’s one of those apps you can’t close or else you won’t get messages. So I’ll have to keep it open all the time in order to get messages. Bad. Very bad.

Sticker suggestion broken

Please fix this bugs before launch new feature!

Love it! Just tweak though..

So far Im loving the app, but there is just one thing that the iOS should have as well! Which is the gift option to send a friend some free stickers! Ive been wanting to send a friend a sticker pack and buy it for them, but so far only android user can do that to my knowledge. Anyway, its just something Id like to throw out there is all!

Pls fix bug

After three recent updates still not fixing the sticker Display Suggestions?!? Whats wrong with your dev team??

Keyboard delayed with ios11

When typing, the pop up letter are delay with ios11. Please fix.

Sticker preview bug must be fixed

Note: I love LINE, have been using it for 5-6 years, and have never had any problem with it until now. However,... The current version has some serious issues. As has been reported by others, the sticker "Display suggestion" feature is currently broken. I type "ok" or "haha" and the usual dozen of suggested sticker fails to appear. Unfortunately, the problem runs deeper. When I dive into Settings:Stickers:Display suggestions:Languages the app, will eventually crash, even if I do nothing. As far as I am concerned, this kind of bug is deep into "they just dont care" territory. This is not some arcane bug that requires standing on one foot on a full moon night. This is completely 100% reproduce-able behavior obtained simply by going through every single dialog window of the app. What should be S.O.P. before pushing an update on the App Store. Since others have already reported getting nothing out of the usual stalling suggestion of support staff, "delete and reinstall," so I wont even bother trying. LINE developers, please fix this mess. [I will change the rating to 5 stars (with minor reservations) as soon as this mess of an "update" has been fixed]

I dont like it

This is quite annoying. Cant delete someone I dont want, and all the timeline and sticker things are cumbersome. I much prefer WhatsApp and Wechat.

Line keeps crashing after tapping on recommended friends tab.

Ever since the iOS 11 update the app keeps crashing every time I tap on the recommended friends list to close it out. Instead of closing it out and resetting it crashes the app and closes me out. I find a lot of users are having the same problem, please fix ASAP.

Everything is great, except this...

Please remove the new share button in chat. I use LINE for my private chats with specific people, and by adding the new share button next to the photos I sent is too risky for me, I might accidentally press on it and forward the photo to somebody else I dont mean to. Please... I like using this app so much, I hope you see this and consider on my request. Thank you!


I am an I phone user and I have the iOS 11 version. I updated the line app this morning as soon as I woke up and now its crashing constantly. I uninstalled, reset my phone, and all of that but its still crashing.

Complete crap

LINE has become a sht fest that offers zero protection from spammers who send a million requests to join shopping groups and more, also having a lot of contacts like one does in Taiwan since many use, restoring from a backup fails always, then takes hours to restore a 2mb backup, the options offered DO NOT allow you to choose to not “connect to server” it still will do it even if you skip backup and then you have to wait the same. It’s unacceptable and honestly I would never use this app otherwise, everyone I know is on Wire which is the bomb and the best for privacy. Line is seriously a joke now. The customer support is non existent, especially for Taiwan. Must have to go to their office in Japan for a reply within a year

Broken, app support isnt addressing issues

Just yesterday there were 10+ reviews reporting issues with the app because of an update 5-6 days ago. Several including myself cannot access the app. It opens then closes immediately. I contacted the app support team who made me delete, reinstall, reboot phone, etc etc. Ive been using this app for 2yrs and now all of a sudden its broken and the app team have no idea whats going on and no solution. Thanks line. Thanks.

Excellent app

Excellent app

Crashes on iOS 11

Please fix the constant crashing on iOS 11. I have the leaves version of Line.

Latest update has some issues

I’m using iPhone version in my iPad to be able to have all features, and it had been working great. Now that I downloaded latest update, I started having issues... The sticker suggestions aren’t working anymore and the app logs me off frequently

Version 7.11.1 sticker problems

After the Line app version 7.11.1 update the sticker suggestions do not function properly. Unreal, you guys need to fix this ASAP. Update: the stickers started to work again then the 7.12.1 update caused the stickers to pop up very slowly. This is ridiculous.

sad that this is the only chat app to....

not support multi-tasking. are you trying to keep people away?


Hey guy !!! How safe is todays upgrade ??? Can anyone write about it

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