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My friend and I have been struggling to find each other on here. We exchanged our username/ID and put it in search so we can add each other. No result. Really? Tried again. No result. It is really frustrating. Fix this please.

Stickers ugly

Need more free nice stickers!

Cant create an account

If its compatible with iPod touch then why do I need a phone number? Since I have an iPod touch I do not have a phone number therefore Im unable to create an account. If you have an iPod touch I dont recommend this app.

They took away the “speak” feature

I often use the “speak” feature that was available with the older version. I found it very useful in many situations. And it was he reason I used Line over the other chat apps like WhatsApp and Wechat. But with the newer versions they took that feature away. Now it’s basically the same with any other chat apps minus the ability to translate (Wechat), gif (iMessage & Messenger) and stories (messenger, Snapchat etc). It’s a bummer. I used to love this app. With the overpriced stickers, no gif, incompatibility with Apple Watch and inability to use “speak” feature, I deducted 4 stars from this app.

Love it so far

Just got the app, and love it so far! REALLY hope the dev listens to those 1star reviews. I would hate to have my opinion change because of a buggy app with poor support

Camera freezing

While your are on the phone call and when you open the camera from line, it freezes.

Free stickers denied to Americans

I love everything that line puts out, More or less, but the thousands of free stickers offered to people in other countries that are denied to us is outrageous, leading people to come up w all kinds of weird work arounds like vpn, to fool like who for some reason cares what gets access to things given for free or not offered all. There’s no logic to it and the one sticker pack for free we get a year that expires in three months isn’t gonna cut it anymore. Now Viber knows how to give free stickers from all over the world! Line could learn a lot from them, they are in Israel if you can’t find where the company is lol.

Greately appreciate if can include speak selection.

Dear Line It would be greatly appreciate if you could include the speak selection in the next update. Thank you Benny

I hate login

Every time I start the app I must log in again. Psarely makes it worth it. It would be such a simple fix.

Love the new watch app.

I noticed you guys finally updated the watch app. Just wanna tell you guys how much I love it. Keep it up!

No Mutirasking? seriously?

You should be able to run Line App in iOS Multitask mode. Having to switch between apps is annoying...

iPad app deserves better attention

I’ve been using LINE since I moved to Japan in 2011. The mobile app is gorgeous and works perfectly. However, the iPad versions has tons of bugs and missing features. I can’t even keep my account logged in! So every time I close the app it automatically logs out. Is it supposed to happen? Or I’m doing something wrong?

Please bring back the old photo filters

Loved the old photo filters than the recent updated ones. Please bring them back!!!


to whom reads app reviews @ LINE. i’m a long time American user of your app and ask if you can grant a request for both a fan of LINE and GUNDAM, if you can please add The GUNDAM WARS Game to the American App Store Market for both American Fans of LINE & GUNDAM. by doing so you will gain more LINE app using supports to profit from that are GUNDAM fans expanding in this marketing area that uses LINE & all it’s apps everyday everywhere.

Stickers no longer suggested

For some time now (maybe a year), LINE’s sticker suggestion feature hasn’t been working. I’ve followed the help articles and they’re still not showing up. I was hoping it would be fixed by now, but unfortunately not. I will gladly change my review and rating if they fix this problem.


I haven’t been able to use the app lately. When I’m online on WiFi at work it tells me I’m not connected to the internet. And then when I try to send messages it just doesn’t send. Also the app crashes and acts up and gets glitchy. It freezes a lot. I’ve never had this many problems with this app before. Please fix.

3D Touch options gone

The previous version allowed me to quickly access my QR code, and other options. Why would you remove that?

Finish your app, THEN upload it.

Like so many others, the steps that I have to go through to log in are first: open the app and look at a green logo screen for about 60 seconds before it crashes once. Then second: open the app a second time an log in again, even though I have used the app within the last 10 minutes and am definitely already logged in. Really, this app is constantly updated with new features. Why cant you fix the absolute MOST BASIC FEATURE: LOGGING IN? Please finish developing your app, then upload it to the app store.

Keeps logging out

Apparently after closing the app (intentionally or unintentionally) it logs me out, unlike the previous version which keeps me logged in

many features changed/removed...

please add back the disappearing chats!! i don’t want to have to keep using snapchat for private messages

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