LINE App Reviews

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After update

its not working

Better than Facebook and Twitter

I love the way you dont have to sign in and that its a free its an amazing app for social networking everywhere thank you for creating this app

Needs a way to get free coins for stickers!!!

We need coins to buy stickers

Good ig

It’s a very good messaging app, but I wish you could use your email to sign up instead of using a phone number or Facebook, because some people may not have these.


Do we not test these new and exciting features ?!! You can’t even long into LINE! Wooooooow!

Speakable content.

BRING BACK THE SPEAKABLE CONTENT PLEASE. It was so much easier when it can read the other language in a text.

It crashes all the time.

It just crashes all the time without reason. Sad.

Its good, but...

I hate being f⭕️⭕️king blocked from line in China!!!!!! To download it,I switched to this American App Store, but it doesnt work at alllllllll!

Best when used in Japan

This app is actually incredible in Japan. Awesome job fast with wifi or mobile. Good for talk video or audio no static crap. It’s not so good for the Apple Watch limited responses but you can use audio to tell Siri. I will admit this app does have its short comings in the US. Using it on a tablet or computer apps just doesn’t work it’s a cellphone app nothing more. But it’s free and fast so in japan if you don’t want to get a cellphone plan just add people on line and use wifi you can’t fail. They also have a cellphone plan which I have for $42 in japan great service and app works the same no difference.

Incoming call ringtone

Please i want to use the default ringtone of the iPhone for line incoming call :(

Auto answer request

Hi id like to request if possible please set up an AUTO ANSWER because a lot of times it disconnects really quick and when the other party cannot answer the call anymore because we are only facetiming while sleeping (abroad calls) at least if you have auto answer then it will be easier to just call back. Please please please ?

K Sticker

I love this app!! It has brought my friends and I many great memories through its tendency to hilariously autocorrect and its collection of stickers. My only complaint is that I want the spinning K sticker back. That sticker was my life. With the K sticker Id give 5 Stars... just saying...

Today’s Update Ruined it

I cant even open Line now. It just crashes immediately! Please fix!

Random people

A long time ago scary random people text people! Robot accounts are there too


Since I changed phones I can’t get into my line account. I have spent a lot of money on stickers. I have over a thousand friends. I’m in groups I don’t want lose. If you spend money on their in app purchases you should have an easier time reaccessing your account. I want my old account back. I have paid real money using my credit card for stickers I was promised I could use and get back. I registered my account properly for transfer your system failed me. It should be verifiable by my credit card which I used to purchase hundreds of dollars in stickers. I have tried to contact the developers no one will help me get my account back. I have groups omg this is awful!

There’s a special character which won’t allow us IOS users chat.

There’s a few people on line with this weird Symbol that basically makes line crash for us IOS users. People are using this to be funny and I can’t join chats at all as long as this Symbol exists. Please fix this.

Secure, clumsy mess

Easy to lose contacts or get locked out. Tons of verification

More features please

I love line app, they should add a feature auto-pick up calls and Vdo calls for a favorite callers.

Ancient app

It is 2018 but LINE still has no such a basic option like rewinding voice messages. If for whatever reason voice message stopped playing, you have to start listening to it all over from the start. So, if you’ve got 5-6 min long message and it stopped playing at the last 30 seconds, and you need to listen to it through till the end - LISTEN ALL 5-6 min again from the start. Every single messaging app I know has the feature to rewind option where I can tap and go to certain part of the message. Oh well, Line is stuck in 2012. Let’s pray for a miracle for them to add BASIC stuff in near future.


All my friends can talk to each other but my mic is permanently on mute

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