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The app wont open and Ive lost all my chats even though I have space on my device?

Great Chat App, Needs Update

Overall a great app to use with many themes and stickers. I’m using the iPhone X and it hasn’t been updated for it yet, so there are huge black bars on the top and bottom. Other than that it’s been fine for me. Will update rating and review when it’s fixed.

Update please

Please update to full screen for iPhone X. Really hard for me to use.

Can’t call anyone...

Can’t call anyone, keep getting error message he/she not using compatible version of line app. We’re all using latest version app on different OS (IOS 11, OS X, Win10).

Still not Optimized for iPhone X

Whats taking them. Damn app is also so slow. Seriously disappointing.

Lacking a huge important feature.

Line is a good app. Has a lot of great features but it’s lacking one huge one and it’s the reason this app gets 2 stars. When you create a group chat there’s no way to protect it from someone just deciding to remove people randomly. There needs to be an admin feature for the person who created the chat to protect it. And make it so that person and that person alone can remove people from a group. I’m in the app with a large group of people. We have several different “chat rooms” for different topics. Yet 1-2 individuals find ways to sneak in under fake accounts and then when no one is paying attention removes everyone from the group. It’s been going on and on for almost a year now and the chats keep having to get rebuilt. We are all now deciding on another platform to use because this app doesn’t have a way to protect the groups.



iPhone X?

Where is the iPhone X screen support? In desperate need of an update.

Needs iPhone X version

Come on, LINE is behind with getting a version for iPhone X ready

No notifications

Sometimes it doesnt send notifications developers should fix it!

Force closes!

Before the update the watch version of line used to work just fine. But now it just force closes whenever i try to open a conversation.

Good app but tons of bugs

Good app for messaging friends and g clans but theres a ton of bugs, lost my account even though I didnt do anything, no way to retrieve it.

不支援apple watch

每次更新,apple watch都不能回覆,最低一顆星算客氣了!

Terrible customer service and bad/lazy configuration for iPad. Avoid!

Their customer service is borderline non-existent and undoubtedly one of the worst Ive dealt with. Many of the themes on the shop DO NOT WORK PROPERLY on iPad. LINE refuses to refund anything on top of that, so if you buy what you thought was a nice theme and it ended up being hot garbage, youre SoL and and $2-3 poorer with nothing to show for it. Ive spent well over $15 on sticker collection before attempting to purchase themes. I will NEVER give these useless arseholes another penny.

Display suggestion option for stickers is broken!!

I love this app a ton but up until recently I noticed a serious issue with the display suggestion for stickers where it won’t show up sometimes or may take very long to show up. Now on the iOS 11 on my new iPhone 8, the display suggestions for stickers option doesn’t even show up despite it being turned on. Please fix this!! UPDATE: Stickers suggestions bar still doesn’t pop up. Why is LINE not doing anything to cater to newer versions of the iPhone? Please fix to make it easier to choose stickers. Dropped from two stars to one because of the lack of attention to it. :(

No gif support

I think thats a shame to not support gifs

Hello Kitty Theme

LINE give Free Hello Kitty Theme Only for a day! This is so ridiculous. At least a week or 2 . IOS couldn’t send gift. Too bad - -

Moved to another country...

I moved back to Japan after being in the US for a few years. Im trying to change my phone number, but the app wont let me change countries. It did 3 Years ago when I moved, but now that option doesnt seem to exist. What can I do? I checked your website and I see no way to contact the company.

New update problem

My daughter and I use nothing but LINE from Japan. However, yesterdays update is causing a problem with the keyboard; the keyboard covers the message space and you cannot read what youre typing. When you drop the keyboard down only the tiny half inch space of message is left. So one can read the last couple words until you send your message. It also makes it difficult to select stickers/stamps! Please help! Thank you!

App no longer works with bitmoji keyboard

Ever since update of line app keyboard gets stuck on bitmoji on iPhone X and keyboard language icon disappears.? Formatting still not extending from top to bottom on iPhone X

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